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Interviews featured on The Twilight Zone Podcast with people connected to The Twilight Zone…

Marc Zicree Interview

Jason & Sunni Brock Interview

Paul Chitlik Interview

Anne Serling Interview

David Avallone Interview

Rick Harris Interview (Feature length episode – The Forgotten Twilight Zone)

Amy Boyle Johnston


The Stories That Inspired The Twilight Zone:

Tom Elliot and friends of The Twilight Zone Podcast read stories that inspired the episodes.

Tom Elliot Reads ‘Time Enough at Last’ – eBook Download

Tom Elliot Reads ‘What You Need’

Brandi Jackola Reads ‘Brothers Beyond the Void’

Jim Moon Reads ‘Elegy’

Danny Davies Reads ‘The Chaser’

Kate Hansell Reads ‘Casey at the Bat’

Tom Elliot Reads ‘The Howling Man’

A Tribute to George Clayton Johnson

Tom Elliot Reads ‘The Bet’

Tom Elliot Reads ‘It’s a Good Life’


The TZ Tapes: Classic Interviews:

Vintage interviews with Rod Serling and others connected to The Twilight Zone…

Mike Wallace Interviews Rod Serling (1959)

Rod Serling at UCLA (1966) – Part One

Rod Serling at UCLA (1966) – Part Two



The Zero Hour

Twilight Zone The Movie

Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone Movie

Season One Wrap Show

Season Two Wrap Show: The Listeners

Season Two Wrap Show: The Hosts



Podcast reviews of other media related to The Twilight Zone…

Twilight Zone The Game

Twilight Zone Curse of the Stars: Volume 1 by Wayne Rollan Melton

The Way Back  by J Michael Straczynski

The Way In by J Michael Straczynski

The Way Out by J Michael Straczynski


Tom Elliot Podcast Guest Appearances and Interviews:

A selection of podcasts and text interviews in which Tom Elliot has been a guest talking about The Twilight Zone..

Commentary: Trek Stars – Podcast

Edge Media Network – Text

Let Us Nerd – Text

Submitted For Your Approval – Podcast

Melodic Treks – Podcast

The Horror Channel – Text

Between Light and Shadow – Podcast


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