About – The Twilight Zone Podcast


Tom Elliot – A lifelong horror fan, Tom Elliot began podcasting in 2009 with his fledgling show The Gentlemen’s Grindhouse. Since then Tom has become a writer for Scream: The Horror Magazine, where he’s interviewed Rob Zombie, Tony Todd, the cast of Hellraiser and many more celebrities from the world of horror. In 2010 Tom started The Twilight Zone Podcast, reviewing every episode of Rod Serling’s classic show and interviewing several people connected with it, including Rod Serling’s daughter Anne. The Twilight Zone Podcast has garnered a massive audience and continues to this day.

Email Tom directly at tom@thetwilightzonepodcast.com


Christopher Brown – Christopher Brown is a writer and journalist who has worked for regional, national and international newspapers and magazines for the last 15 years. In his spare time he has recently been working on a number of side projects, including The Night Gallery Podcast (covering then classic Rod Serling series), Video Nasties Podcast (on the notorious 80s film scare), A History Of Horror Podcast (looking at extreme cinema through the decades) and a book, The Video Nasties Moment. He’s a fan of horror cinema and is engaged in bringing films to community spaces. He lives in Liverpool with two cats and one very understanding wife.


Legal Disclaimer: The Twilight Zone Podcast is an unofficial non-profit production and no ownership of the Twilight Zone name is implied. All clips used in The Twilight Zone Podcast and The Night Gallery Podcast remain the property of their rights holders and are used within the boundaries of fair use – no infringement is intended.