Executive Producers

The Twilight Zone Podcast continues to broadcast because of the kindness and generosity of the following listeners who support us on Patreon. Their contributions cover hosting fees and other costs related to the show. All Patreon supporters are given an Executive Producer credit on a different episode of The Twilight Zone Podcast while they’re an active contributor.

Where an Executive Producer has a website or product of their own, I’ve included a link to it here (please email if I’ve missed your website), please check them out and support their work too!.

To become an Executive Producer, please visit our Patreon page and pledge your support!

Introduction – Tom Elliot
Where is Everybody – Chris Clayton, host of Lost in the Omniverse
One For the Angels  – Shannon Kinney
Mr Denton on Doomsday – Adam Prugh
The Sixteen Millemeter Shrine – Joel Fishbane
Walking Distance – Brandi Jackola host of The Dark Corner Podcast
Escape Clause – Gus Holwerda
The Lonely – Michael Lynn
Tom Elliot Reads Time Enough at Last – David Fiore
Time Enough at Last – W Blaine
Perchance to Dream – Marc Allie
Judgement Night – Tim Stratford
And When the Sky Was Opened – Mark Masztal
Tom Elliot Reads What You Need – David Knoop
What You Need – Michael Clarke
The Four of Us Are Dying – Fred host of The Twilight Pwn
Third From the Sun – Killian Melloy writer at The Edge Media Network
Brandi Jackola reads Brothers Beyond the Void – Andrew Driver
I Shot an Arrow Into the Air – James Baxter
Marc Zicree Interview – Uncommon Nasa host of The Dope Sh!t Podcast
The Hitch-Hiker – Zach Moore host of the Standard Orbit Podcast
The Fever – Dan Mearns
The Last Flight – Pandolpho
The Purple Testament – Katy Aderhold
Jim Moon Reads Elegy –
Elegy – Michael Mullaney
Mirror Image – Andrew Schneider
Jason and Sunni Brock Interview – Michael Simshauser
Paul Chitlik Interview – Anthony Valentin writer at World History Review
The Monsters are Due On Maple Street – Travis Sheflin
A World of Difference – Brandon-Shea Mutala host of Melodic treks
Long Live Walter Jameson – Roger Scarlett
People are Alike All Over – Mike Gurley
Twilight Zone the Movie – Phillip Galbo
Execution – Benjamin
Danny Davies Reads The Chaser – Rich Black graphic artist at RBlack.org
Anne Serling Interview – Victor Gamboa
Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone Movie – Kevin Marinier
The Big Tall Wish – Chad Boykin author of Muay Thai Kickboxing: The Ultimate Guide to Conditioning, Training, and Fighting – Amazon USAmazon UK
A Nice Place to Visit – Colonel Raines
Nightmare as a Child – Andrew Jordan
A Stop at Willoughby – Dock Cope
The Chaser – Chris Wilson
A Passage For Trumpet – Danny Davies artist his Patreon Page
Mr Bevis – Jonathan Bick
The After Hours – Thomas Baldwin
Kate Hansell Reads Casey at the Bat – Corey Nesbitt
The Mighty Casey – Jordan Pulaski
A World of His Own – Christin Haws writer at Murderville
Season One Wrap Up Show – Daniel Budnik host of Eventually Supertrain Podcast 
King Nine Will Not Return – Crystal
The Man in the Bottle – Christine Bonner
Luke Own Makes a Special Announcement
Nervous man in a Four Dollar Room – Al Sjoerdsma writer of Dinner With Gillain Anderson
A Thing About Machines – Paet Lee
Tom Elliot Reads The Howling Man – Carl Morries
The Howling Man – Hitchku Herrmann presenter at Cinema Verses
Review: Twilight Zone the Game – Lucas Doshier
Eye of the Beholder – Ralph Spradley
Nick of Time – David Jackola host of The Dark Corner Podcast
The Lateness of the Hour – Lance Romanoff
Review: Twilight Zone Curse of the Stars – Ethan Boldt
The Trouble With Templeton – Jennifer Stevens
Summer Info-Cast
A Most Unusual camera – Michael J Lyons
The Night of the Meek – Grace C
The Story of Dust – Michael Fernbach
Prelude to Back There – Chad Strausberg
Back There – Philip Grayson
The Whole Truth – Ann Bassano
Prelude to The Invaders – Jeff Rosenfeld
The Invaders – Dennis Funk
A Tribute to George Clayton Johnson – Ebony Green
A Penny For Your Thoughts – Christopher Brown host of The Last Horror Podcast
The Stories That Inspired Twenty Two – Jordan Pass
The Odyssey of Flight 33 – Sorin Pancotan
Reviews: The Way Out, In and Back – Sasha Erickson
Mr Dingle the Strong – Paul
Static – Adam Gohs
David Avallone Interview – Brian Lund
The Prime Mover – Ebony Green
Long Distance Call – CGay Hon
Mike Wallace Interviews Rod Serling – Josh Ickles
A Hundred Yards Over the Rim – Sean Boggs
The Rip Van Winkle Caper – Brian Kirk
Tom Elliot Reads The Bet – Paul Abler
The Silence – Adam Green
Rod Serling at UCLA Parts 1 & 2 – Christina Snyder
Shadow Play – Rafael
The Mind and the Matter
Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up
The Obsolete Man
Season Two Wrap Show: The Listeners
Season Two Wrap Show: The Hosts
The Forgotten Twilight Zone
Episode 100: Listener Stories
The Arrival
The Shelter
The Passersby
Rod Serling at Ithaca College
A Game of Pool
The Mirror
The Grave
Tom Elliot Reads It’s a Good Life
Amy Boyle Johnston Interview
Arlen Schumer Interview